Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and Conditions you are agreeing to when you purchase and or use the services of FocusVPN.com

Within this agreement, the term “you” means you the “User/purchaser/subscriber” and the term “we” or “our” means FocusVPN.com as a company including its owners, employees, and any others that may be involved with FocusVPN.com

As our customer you agree the following Terms & Conditions:

- All payments are final and non-refundable, (exceptions apply)

- You will not pay for any services from an account other than yours’ or another’s without prior permission.

- You will not use our service to perform any illegal internet activities such as hacking, port scanning, attacking computers, servers or other networks on the internet.

- You will not attempt to hack/access our servers

- You agree to not use our services for/with any illegal file sharing applications or services, or distribution of pirated/ coppied music, video or software

- You will not use our services for any type of criminal activity, virtual or physical

- You agree that the service’s offered to you are provided ‘as is’ with no warranties whatsoever, support will be given where available

- We as a company or individually are not liable for any direct. Indirect, consequential, damages or inconveniences whatsoever.

- We cannot guarantee that you will have an uninterrupted service, we cannot control the internet service in your area so cannot guarantee how the internet will perform in your area

- We reserve the right to terminate your account without notice or refund if we receive any complaints about your activities/usage from other users or internet Service Providers (ISP’s)

- We are not interested in what you do on the internet and we respect your privacy, no logs of what you do are kept on our servers.

- We reserve the right to make amendments or modifications to our Terms and Conditions Agreement. This will become binding and it will be your responsibility to periodically check for updates and abide by the terms.

- We hold no responsobility for how our services are used.

These are our terms.

If you violate our terms stated above then we reserve the right to terminate your service without warning or notice.