What is a VPN?

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network
And in essence that is exactly what it is.
It adds a virtual network interface to your computer which connect to our servers through a secure  ‘tunnel’. All data that passes through this tunnel is encrypted and is then compressed and decrypted when it reaches our servers.

Why would I need a VPN?

There are a number of instances in that you might want a VPN connection, these are listed below.


  • Universities often block download services
  • If your ISP has blocked you from downloading this will bypass this block (Universities)
  • You will have absolute anonymity on the web by hiding your IP address and using one of ours.
  • Bypass geographical restrictions placed on certain websites by ISP’s
  • Static IP address, we can provide you with a static IP address (hosting a website or mail server from your home connection.
  • Encryption will stop anyone from seeing what you are doing (even your ISP)
  • Bypass blocks on VOIP applications (Skype,
  • Security when using wireless(Wifi) hotspots either at home or in public places.
  • Unblock instant messaging applications
  • Potential increase in download/upload speeds using p2p applications.


Can I use focus VPN intead of my ISP
Unfortunately not. You need an active internet connection to be able to use any VPN service(DSL, Cable, Satalite, dial up etc)

How do I configure the VPN connection?
If you use a windows or mac bassed computer then the package we provide will do the configuration for you.
If you wish to configure the connection yourself then please let us know when ordering and we can send you detailed step by step instructions on how to do this.

Can I speed up my connection with a VPN?
The VPN will not speed up your internet connection however you may experience faster downloads when using p2p software.
You may also find you get smother transitions when switching between web pages.

How do I setup the connection?
Once you have subscribed to the service you will be able to download an installation tool which will configure everything for you, if you would prefer to configure the VPN yourself then please let us know and we can supply instructions.

If you have any problems please let us know by emailing us - support@focusvpn.com